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"We received our Pedal-A-Watt a few days ago. We are very pleased with the construction and quality of it. Thank you. We are what some are calling "preppers", and we meet with the others every Thursday night..." –Angela O. MI

"Thanks a lot for shipping the pedal a watt so quickly, I received it in less than a week. This is definitely going to help my family reduce our carbon footprint. Keep up the good work." –Glenn M., IL

"I just checked my mail and to my great astonishment I have a brand new unit. I cannot begin to put in words my appreciation for the best customer service I have seen in many decades. Thank you so much." –Bob R., Tucson, AZ

"We received the Pedal -A-Watt on July 20. My husband & I are thoroughly enjoying it! It gets used every day! This is a great idea and product. I'll definitely recommend this to our fellow triathletes and energy conscious friends. Thanks." –Connie B., Hawaii

"What a great product! I didn't even know the Pedal-A-Watt existed. We use ours to provide lighting and power our laptops in our home office. Thanks again for your guidance and a great product." –Dave F., Nevada

"Dear Convergence Technologies, Your Pedal-A-Watt is the perfect addition to our "green house" demonstration. Visitors get on your Pedal-A-Watt, pedal for a few minutes and then can see how much power they have created by viewing the meter you offer." –Lisa C., Indiana

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Belfry Bat Detector Testimonials

"First, let me say this thing does detect bats. I received this unit late summer and on a hot humid, mosquito infested night, I turned this on outside. I wasn’t surprised as I could see the bats shuffle through the night sky. What I was surprised was the amount I could hear.  Bottom Line - The unit performed as described and for the bat enthusiast, the Belfry is a bargain. The jury is still out on whether Ultra-Sounds may explain some EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon - ghost detection), but I hope to find a correlation with this device. Stay tuned . . ." - GhostGadgetGuy


"I wanted to thank you for the (Belfry) Bat Detector.  It works great and really adds a lot to our programs!  We take many Scout and guide groups out." - Krystal B., Wildlife Rescue Assoc.


"I own your (Belfry) bat echolocator - great product!" - Vineet A., Texas 


"I've received the bat detector, and so far I am impressed. It seems to be very sensitive. Anyway, I'll forward you some camera video of some bat location tests." - Rob F., BC, Canada


"We were teaching a class on Desert Bats and one of the students had a Belfry bat detector.  I had just listed available bat detectors to the class at several times the cost of yours so I asked to test it side by side with a Petterrson D100 ($350).  The Belfry was just as sensitive, received the call at the same distance from the source (a RadioShack ultrasonic measuring device).  The D100 was a heterodyne unit (Narrow Band) supposed to be most sensitive of the various bat detector types.  I was very impressed and immediately went online to order one for further testing.  I also showed the class an Anabat II division ratio bat detector much like yours but costing $600." - Robert B., Bishop, CA



"I am writing from Gainesville Florida. My brother and I carted a laptop out to the University of Florida 'bat barn' and recorded the output from one of your detectors as the bats took flight (many thousands of bats).  We got quite a crowd of kids around the detectors and it was educational for all." -  Rob C., Boston, MA


"I ordered from here in the UK on Tuesday, and received my detector on Saturday - what service!  My first chance to try it out was the following Monday, when I used it next to nearby lakes and a river. It worked well first time, picking up Pipistrelles and an unidentified large species. It clearly demonstrated the "power level" differences in the species, with the Pipistrelles having to be fairly close, but the larger bats being heard before I could see them." - Steve B., England


"I purchased your bat detector last year because it was affordable and was shipped within a reasonable time frame. Other models on the market can take up to 6-8 weeks for delivery and can cost anywhere from $100-$1000. Your bat detector costs only a fraction of that amount and performs just as well as any other model on the
market. " - Michael G., Washington


"Bill,  Thank you very much for your prompt and professional service.  The product is easy to use, reliable and your instructions are very helpful." - Lee M.


"Your company's Belfry Bat Detector truly is a great product.  I used it in the country and heard bat calls clearly." - Mario C., Italy


"Your Belfry Bat Detector worked beautifully as I captured several Gould's Wattled Bats on tape.  I have attached a sound file." - Jason L., Australia


"Just thought I'd drop a note, as my Belfry Bat Detector kit arrived yesterday, and you were right, it did take about an hour to assemble, and it worked perfectly right off the "bat".   I don't know a lot about these units yet, but from what I could find on the 'net your kit is the best value out there, and was easy to build and use." - Tim V., Minnesota

"Your Bat Detector has the two most desireable properties of a technical device, it is simple and effective." - Peter Z., Germany


"Your bat detector is working great." - Andrea S., Ontario, Canada


"I have been using your Belfry Bat Detector for a week and I totally love it. This week, I will be using the audio out jack to record to my PC during an exclusion of a bat colony here in Tallahassee. Thanks again for creating my favorite toy and not charging a fortune for it." - Brian M., Florida


"I listened to some Big and Little Browns last night in my front yard. My first time and it was VERY cool." - Jim D., Iowa


"We use your detector all the time! And we talk about it at all of our bat talks." - Barry C., Chiroptera Cabin Company, Vermont


"I used the Belfry Bat Detector connected to the camera to record the sound of the bats as I was taking some video. It all worked quite well. I would guess there were probably at least 4-5 species there: big browns, big-eared, Myotis, Pipistrelles and I think perhaps 1-2 Hoary bats. Have had very good success on several species." - Charles R., Nevada


"I used the detector for fun to hear the bats around my apartment here in Amsterdam. It is just a common bat species (pipistrelle), but now I enjoy their nightly presence. The detector proved to be very sensitive for nearby bats, often it detected clicking sound bursts while I could not see bats. The detector also detected great bat activity above a nearby pond." - Hans B., Amsterdam


"I received my Belfry Bat Detector a few days ago and am extremely pleased with your unit. I have watched the bats around my house for some time and now am able to hear them! It is truly fascinating to hear them hunting bugs and calling after each other. Thank you again for a high quality product at a very affordable price versus other detectors out there" - Anita S., Ontario, Canada


"The Belfry Detector works great. I've used it inside and outside. Even near very small openings, it does a great job (hearing bats hidden in houses)." - Mark C., New York


"Took the Belfry Bat Detector to an acquaintance's house yesterday, when bats were coming into the attic, and heard bunches of them. Lots of clicking and buzzing." - Louis King, Lowell, Michigan


"I've finally gotten a chance to test the detector under different situations, and it's just awesome. So far, I've been checking some areas around a reservoir north of Columbus. Anyway, just a note to let you know that I'm using the detector and that I'm enjoying it!" - Steve B., Ohio


"This detector is one of those rare blends of a great price and good performance. I first purchased an assembled unit and was totally satisfied and am now building the kit to give to my nephew as a gift. He will certainly enjoy it as much as I have." - Bob F., New Jersey

Our Guarantee

If you are not happy with any of our Bat Detectors you may return your unit to us for a full refund. Just send the detector to us in good condition and I will send you a prompt refund. We are celebrating our three year anniversary and our customers have made this possible.