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Always have access to electricity even if your local grid power is down due to storms, blackouts or other events.

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STAMFORD, Conn Promising “Balanced Living on the Road,” Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.’s (NYSE: HOT) Element Hotels brand has announced an initiative designed to marry Element’s commitment to providing health and fitness options for travelers with its green design sensibility....


"We received our Pedal-A-Watt a few days ago. We are very pleased with the construction and quality of it. Thank you. We are what some are calling "preppers", and we meet with the others every Thursday night..." –Angela O. MI

"Thanks a lot for shipping the pedal a watt so quickly, I received it in less than a week. This is definitely going to help my family reduce our carbon footprint. Keep up the good work." –Glenn M., IL

"I just checked my mail and to my great astonishment I have a brand new unit. I cannot begin to put in words my appreciation for the best customer service I have seen in many decades. Thank you so much." –Bob R., Tucson, AZ

"We received the Pedal -A-Watt on July 20. My husband & I are thoroughly enjoying it! It gets used every day! This is a great idea and product. I'll definitely recommend this to our fellow triathletes and energy conscious friends. Thanks." –Connie B., Hawaii

"What a great product! I didn't even know the Pedal-A-Watt existed. We use ours to provide lighting and power our laptops in our home office. Thanks again for your guidance and a great product." –Dave F., Nevada

"Dear Convergence Technologies, Your Pedal-A-Watt is the perfect addition to our "green house" demonstration. Visitors get on your Pedal-A-Watt, pedal for a few minutes and then can see how much power they have created by viewing the meter you offer." –Lisa C., Indiana

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Home > Why clean power is so important

Hello, I am a human being.  One day I will grow strong and will have learned many important skills so that I can contribute to the planet and my fellow human beings.  However, this is a long way off as I am still very young.  I could easily live to the year 2090 or beyond and could accomplish many things during that time.  But before any of that can happen I need to grow and learn in the right environment.

As s human being I need many things.  I need lots of love.  I need nutritious and varied food on a regular basis.  I need a stimulating environment where my mind will stretch and grow so that it is able to contend with an increasingly complex world.  I need clean water that will help me grow rather than damage my body.  I need fresh air that will allow me to run and play and strengthen my lungs.  I need to learn about my world and how to master things like personal finance (click here).  Polluted air from cars, trucks, factories and electrical generation plants is no good for me or for the deer and birds I love to watch.  We don't know why so many children have asthma today and this could be one reason.  I also like clean air because I love looking at the stars at night before I go to bed and I notice that in places with less pollution the stars are much brighter and clearer.

I also need energy in many forms including electricity.  I have never seen a coal fired electrical power plant (not yet!) but I have seen a solar panel, a wind generator and a pedal powered generator.  I have noticed that these "clean" producers of power don't smell bad, are usually quiet and provide electricity without poisoning the air, the water or the soil.  I hope we have more sources of clean power in the future and I hope we find new clean technologies and new ways to use our current clean technologies.

Thank you for listening, your support and clean breathing :)