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"We received our Pedal-A-Watt a few days ago. We are very pleased with the construction and quality of it. Thank you. We are what some are calling "preppers", and we meet with the others every Thursday night..." –Angela O. MI

"Thanks a lot for shipping the pedal a watt so quickly, I received it in less than a week. This is definitely going to help my family reduce our carbon footprint. Keep up the good work." –Glenn M., IL

"I just checked my mail and to my great astonishment I have a brand new unit. I cannot begin to put in words my appreciation for the best customer service I have seen in many decades. Thank you so much." –Bob R., Tucson, AZ

"We received the Pedal -A-Watt on July 20. My husband & I are thoroughly enjoying it! It gets used every day! This is a great idea and product. I'll definitely recommend this to our fellow triathletes and energy conscious friends. Thanks." –Connie B., Hawaii

"What a great product! I didn't even know the Pedal-A-Watt existed. We use ours to provide lighting and power our laptops in our home office. Thanks again for your guidance and a great product." –Dave F., Nevada

"Dear Convergence Technologies, Your Pedal-A-Watt is the perfect addition to our "green house" demonstration. Visitors get on your Pedal-A-Watt, pedal for a few minutes and then can see how much power they have created by viewing the meter you offer." –Lisa C., Indiana

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The Pedal-A-Watt Stationary Bike Power Generator Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How easy is the Pedal-A-Watt to setup and use?

The Pedal-A-Watt is very easy to setup and typically takes well under a minute for the average customer to get up and running once out of the box. Here is a 1 min 23 second video that shows how easy the Pedal-A-Watt is to setup

How does the Pedal-A-Watt compare to the competition's product?

1) We have been in business since 1998 and have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world and have received hundreds of testimonials - see our Testimonials page. No one else has been providing human powered generator products as long or does it as well. The Pedal-A-Watt has been field tested for over a decade in the jungles of Africa, the deserts of the Middle East and the rigorous conditions on ships and sailboats.

2) The Pedal-A-Watt is the best price to watt output proposition. The Pedal-A-Watt will produce up to 400 watts and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Don't settle for a 200 or 300 watt unit for more money. If you have questions about the Pedal-A-Watt vs. the K-Tor Powerbox scroll down farther.

3) Once you receive our competitor's products you have to put it together! Their product has a multi step assembly process that requires tools! The Pedal-A-Watt works right out of the box - just drop your bicycle into the stand! Here is a video that shows how easy it is to setup the Pedal-A-Watt

4) They offer only a 30 day warranty. The Pedal-A-Watt comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Should your unit break we'll replace the defective part or the entire stand. Don't like your Pedal-A-Watt? Return it to us within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price.

5) The Pedal-A-Watt is made for commercial applications and is designed for heavy duty use. This is why corporate events rely only on the Pedal-A-Watt. From the Super Bowl to a television series in Italy to a 500 unit mega concert in Asia the Pedal-A-Watt is designed to last.

6) The Pedal-A-Watt does not use a belt or pulley system. A belt or pulley requires you to remove the bicycle's rear tire and makes it much harder to setup and take down the stand. The Pedal-A-Watt Stand allows you clip your bicycle in the stand in less than 20 seconds and does not require you to remove your bicycle's rear tire. If you want to take your bicycle outside for a spin it pops out of the Pedal-A-Watt stand in less than 10 seconds. With stands that require a belt you are looking at nearly 20 minutes to get the tire back on.

7) If you need a 12 volt regulator for battery charging and/or powering 12 vdc devices make sure the stand you buy offers this option and if a 12 vdc regulator is an option make sure it has a high efficiency like ours (99%) so you won't lose you hard earned pedaled power.

8) Quality. The Pedal-A-Watt is of far greater quality than any other product. This is not our opinion as we have had many, many customers tell us this because they owned the Pedal-A-Watt as well as competitor's products. We count the US Military as a customer and we all know that they want only the best, most durable and longest lasting equipment.

9) Made in the USA. We employ Americans and pay good wages. None of our finished products are assembled overseas.

What about the K-Tor Powerbox?

K-Tor's products are useful. The Pedal-A-Watt can produce up to 400 watts while the Powerbox produces a maximum of 20 watts. 20 watts is fine for charging small, handheld devices but can't do much beyond that. Even a laptop requires around 40 to 60 watts.

The Pedal-A-Watt provides a much smoother pedaling experience than the K-Tor Powerbox while. Since you are using a full sized bicycle on the Pedal-A-watt stand the momentum of the spinning rear wheel (it acts like a flywheel) makes pedaling easier and smoother. If your bike has multiple gears you may adjust to the most comfortable setting. The K-Tor Powerbox has a much jerkier motion as there is almost no spinning mass to provide a smoothing action to pedaling.

Does the Pedal-A-Watt come with a Blocking Diode?

Yes, it comes with a 20 amp blocking diode.

Do I Need any Accessories?

This all depends on how you intend to use the Pedal-A-Watt. Most of our customers need at least the 12 vdc regulator accessory and here is why.

Out of the box the Pedal-A-Watt, with no accessories, produces pulsating DC up to about 75 volts. This works for powering incandescent light bulbs and things that are NOT voltage sensitive.

However, most customers need an even 14.1 volts DC output (same power as provided by your car's cigarette lighter socket) and this is why the 12 vdc regulator is needed. It provides the perfect voltage for 12 volt battery charging, powering all 12 vdc devices such as a PowerPak or inverter.

Many of our customers also decide to use the Pedal-A-Watt with a PowerPak so that they can store the energy created. The PowerPak we offer has two outlets on it like you have on the wall in your home so you may plug in your appliances such as TVs, heaters, etc. To use the PowerPak you'll need the 12 vdc regulator and the 12 foot cable with male cigarette lighter plug options.

To run the LED Light Strip and/or USB Port you'll need the 12 vdc regulator and 12 foot cable with male cigarette lighter plug. The USB Port is a great way to power and charge any device that can plug into a USB port. The LED Light Strip is very bright and can provide sufficient light for a 400 square ft. room for 5 to 6 hours with only 10 minutes of pedaling.

Why are Hand Crank Generators Not Really Practical?

While a hand crank generator is theoretically a good idea it is not very practical because it creates so little power that you'll find you can't do much with it. Most hand crank generators create only between 5 and 15 watts. This means that for every hour of continuous hand cranking you can run your laptop for about 6 to 10 minutes or your iPhone for about 16 minutes. OK for extreme emergencies where you need to make a quick 911 call but hand crank generators are not very useful otherwise.

Your legs are about 20 to 30 times stronger than your hands so you are much better off using the Pedal-A-Watt stand along with the mechanical advantage provided by your bicycle and creating 150 to 400 watts for some useful power than can get something done.

How does the Pedal-A-Watt work?

The Pedal-A-Watt concept is a simple one: you pedal, turning the bike's rear wheel, which in turn spins the generator.

What is a generator anyway? It is simply a spinning magnet within a coil of wire. As the magnet spins within this coil, electricity flows through the coil. This electricity can then be used immediately to power something or stored in a battery for use later. See this video of the Pedal-A-Watt powering a LED light strip.

This seems very technical. I am an average person and want to power something? Can I do it easily?

Yes! We now offer the Easy Pedal-A-Watt Package. Simply unpack your order when it arrives, plug it in and you are ready to go!
Click here to learn more.

How much power can I create?

The typical adult will create 100 to over 350 watts of power depending on the rider's strength. Those in better shape that are stronger can create between 225 and 410 watts or more.

What if I need the voltage regulated to 12 volts?

When ordering the Pedal-A-Watt you may select the 12 vdc voltage regulator option at checkout. This regulator provides a level 14.2 volt DC output.
The regulator also converts any "excess" voltage from the Pedal-A-Watt into useable output amperage.

For example, let's say that you are pedaling the Pedal-A-Watt very fast and it is producing 30 volts. The regulator will give a level output of 14.1 volts DC and will convert the excess voltage of 15.9 volts (30 vdc - 14.1 vdc = 15.9 volts) into another 1.11 amps at the regulator's output. This regulator ensures that no power is wasted and all converted into useable amperage at 14.1 volts DC.

What is a Watt?

A Watt is an instantaneous measure of power. For example, while pedaling we measure the power output from the generator and see that 200 watts are being created. So what? Well, that means you can power a 200 watt TV but not a 400 watt TV. However, if you store the power from the generator in a battery, you have much greater flexibility. Let's look at the difference between watts and the more important measure, watt-hours.

The Difference Between Watts and Watt-Hours:

If I am pedaling and creating 200 watts of power and I keep pedaling for 2 hours, I create 400 Watt-Hours, or 200 Watts x 2 Hours = 400 Watt-Hours

Now, with 400 Watt-Hours stored in the battery, I can power:

A 400 watt TV for 1 hour (400 Watts x 1 hour = 400 Watt-Hours)
A 200 Watt TV for 2 hours (200 Watts x 2 hours = 400 Watt-Hours)
A 20 Watt laptop PC for 20 hours (20 Watt x 20 hours = 400 Watt-Hours)
A 15 Watt fluorescent bulb for almost 27 hours (15 Watts x 26 hours = 400 Watt-Hours)
Our LED light strip for about 48 days continuously
Charge an iPhone, from empty, about 80 times
Run a typical microwave for a total of about 45 minutes of run time - enough for about 25 meals

Power Consumption of Typical Appliances:
  • Small TV: 100 watts
  • Large TV: 200 watts
  • Laptop PC: 30 watts
  • Desktop PC: 75 watts
  • Stereo: 12 watts
  • Charging a smartphone: 5 watts
  • Hi Efficiency Desk lamp: 15 watts
  • Refrigerator: 700 watts (not continuous)
  • Dishwasher: 350 watts
  • Dryer: 400 watts

As you can see, some household appliances make good candidates for powering via the Pedal-A-Watt, such as TVs and stereos. Some appliances, like a refrigerator, require far more power than the Pedal-A-Watt can provide.

What is the difference between a volt, an ampere and a watt?

We will skip the textbook example and go to a visual example, the garden hose.

Voltage is the strength coming out of the end of the hose. Higher voltage, say 20 volts, is like having water come out of the garden hose faster and lower voltage, say 2 volts, is like water coming out much more slowly.

Amperes, or amps, is the amount of water at any point in the hose. Think of it this way: a straw is like low amperes, say 2 amperes, because no matter how much force, the voltage, the water has behind it there is only so much water that can go through a straw. Then, think of a big pipe used to supply water to a city. This is like high amperes, say 100 amperes, because the pipe can carry a lot of water.

Watts is what most people care about. Watts = volts x amperes.

How can I power my laptop, small TV, stereo or other household appliances with the Pedal-A-Watt?

Visit our Accessories and Other Products page to see the PowerPak. Plug the Pedal-A-Watt into the PowerPak and it will store energy created by the Pedal-A-Watt and will allow you to plug in any typical household (AC) appliance (up to 400 watts) such as a TV, PC, laptop, stereo, small pump, video game, etc.

What if I want to demonstrate how much electricity the Pedal-A-Watt creates?

We sell several products that are helpful in displaying the electricity created such as the Power Meter and our LED Light Strip. Please visit our Accessories and Other Products page.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us at