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The Solar Generator
Always have access to electricity even if your local grid power is down due to storms, blackouts or other events.

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"We received our Pedal-A-Watt a few days ago. We are very pleased with the construction and quality of it. Thank you. We are what some are calling "preppers", and we meet with the others every Thursday night..." –Angela O. MI

"Thanks a lot for shipping the pedal a watt so quickly, I received it in less than a week. This is definitely going to help my family reduce our carbon footprint. Keep up the good work." –Glenn M., IL

"I just checked my mail and to my great astonishment I have a brand new unit. I cannot begin to put in words my appreciation for the best customer service I have seen in many decades. Thank you so much." –Bob R., Tucson, AZ

"We received the Pedal -A-Watt on July 20. My husband & I are thoroughly enjoying it! It gets used every day! This is a great idea and product. I'll definitely recommend this to our fellow triathletes and energy conscious friends. Thanks." –Connie B., Hawaii

"What a great product! I didn't even know the Pedal-A-Watt existed. We use ours to provide lighting and power our laptops in our home office. Thanks again for your guidance and a great product." –Dave F., Nevada

"Dear Convergence Technologies, Your Pedal-A-Watt is the perfect addition to our "green house" demonstration. Visitors get on your Pedal-A-Watt, pedal for a few minutes and then can see how much power they have created by viewing the meter you offer." –Lisa C., Indiana

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The Hand Crank Flashlight
The Hand Crank Flashlight
Our Price: $31.95

Tired of flashlights where the batteries are always dead when you really need light? Tired of bulbs that burn out? Here is the answer... A 14 LED (they never burn out) flashlight that with 2 or 4 easy cranks will provide light for 15 minutes or more. Very light and fits in your hand easily.
Hand Crank Generator
Hand Crank Generator
Our Price: $39.45

A small, easily portable hand crank generator that will produce 6 volts at 250 mah and is perfect for pwoering / charging small devices such as cellphone, iPod, Blackberry, etc.
The DC PowerCenter
The DC PowerCenter
Our Price: $49.95

The DC Power Center is a voltage converter that is designed to power all kinds of portable and mobile devices. Use it with the Pedal-A-Watt (with 12 vdc regulator) directly or with the PowerPak. Will power items that require 3 amps or less. Adjustable voltage settings of 1.5, 3, 4.5 6, 7.5 and 9 volts DC.
USB Port for the Pedal-A-Watt
Our Price: $69.95

Will plug directly into the Pedal-A-Watt (with 12 vdc regulator and 12 ft cable with female cigarette socket accessories) and/or into the PowerPak. It provides not only two female cigarette lighter sockets (like in your car) but also two USB ports. Keep your mobile devices and other items powered up and fully charged.
5 Watt Solar Panel
5 Watt Solar Panel
Our Price: $74.95

A 5 watt panel that provides 5 watts (max of .6 amps at 17.6 volts) of power for 12 volt appliances. Great for powering and charging all handheld devices. Use with our DC Power Center above to obtain all needed voltages and plugs for various electronics..
LED Light strip with Plug
LED Light strip with Plug
Our Price: $79.95

An extremely bright LED light strip that is a great visual demonstration for the classroom or a corporate event. When the rider pedals the Pedal-A-Watt the LED light strip gets brighter and brighter until it reaches full brightness. Has a female cigarette lighter plug for easy connection to the Pedal-A-Watt with 12 foot cigarette lighter cable. May be used with or without the PowerPak. The LED lightstrip should be used with the 12 vdc regulator to ensure that the light strip is not damaged by high voltage if the rider pedals very quickly.
Foldable Solar Panel
Foldable Solar Panel
Our Price: $89.95

Perfect for campers, sailors, kayakers and others who want to charge batteries or power small devices using only the sun's rays! Will produce 3.6 volts at 400 ma in full sun. Has a USD port to plug into your GPS, iPod, cellphone or other device that has a USB port. Comes with two AA, 2,000 mah rechargeable batteries. Weighs only 6.8 ounces and easily folds up.
Generator for the Pedal-A-Watt
Generator for the Pedal-A-Watt
Our Price: $139.45

This item is NOT required if you are buying the Pedal-A-Watt stand.
However, some of our customers purchase this as a backup in case the generator that comes with the Pedal-A-Watt stand fails.
The item has a small, 3/4 inch belt pulley cog. You may also add the white roller wheel option which is a 2 1/4 inch metal roller wheel which is used in the generator that comes with the Pedal-A-Watt (see second picture above).
This is a small, permanent magnet generator that is 4 1/4 inches long and has an outer diameter of 3 inches. This is the unit used in the Pedal-A-Watt but does not have the white roller wheel unless you add that option.
The generator comes with a 20 amp blocking diode.
Capable of generating up to 15 amps at up to 65 volts at 1,000 to 9,000 RPM. Perfect for use in pedal powered projects, small wind systems and many other projects. The generator is durable and has been used in applications at our firm and for over 14 years. Uses high quality, heavy duty bronze sleeve bearings.
5 volt Cycle Charger with USB cable
5 volt Cycle Charger with USB cable
Our Price: $159.95

• Easily clips onto any bicycle.
• Has a USB port (just like on your PC).
• As you ride your bicycle your device will run and charge!
• Has a voltage regulator to ensure that your device is never damaged no matter how fast you are riding your bicycle.
• Produces up to 15 watts which is far more than most devices will ever need. Charge multiple devices easily.
• Add the battery pack option to store the power you create.  Stores 1,900 mah of power and easily fits in your pocket.
• Lifetime Warranty.
Wind + Solar Power Package
Wind + Solar Power Package
Our Price: $159.95

This package comes with the capability to collect power from the sun and the wind.. A large rechargeable battery is built in. The USB port on the side of can be used to recharge the internal battery or in 'reverse' to charge or power USB compatible devices like iPod, Cell / Mobile phones, GPS or other devices.